Celtic Zodiac

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This is a sample of the style of the Zodiacs. For further information on each, please
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The Names and Dates for the Celtic Zodiac are:

Beth (Birch)
Luis (Rowan)
Nion (Ash)
Fearn (Alder)
Saille (Willow)
Uath (Hawthorn)
Duir (Oak)
Tinne (Holly)
Coll (Hazel)
Muin (Vine)
Gort (Ivy)
Ngetal (Reed)
Ruis (Elder)
Nameless Day
Each is an 8.5 x 11 laminated copy of an original interpretation of the Celtic Lunar Zodiac by Kathleen. Please specify birthday.
$9.00 each + s/h
To order, please
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